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Adorable Baby Clothing.com Review


Well, as you all know, I enter a lot of sweeps and contests to make things at least somewhat interesting while on modified bedrest. In July, I entered Sophie in their Adorable Baby Photo Contest. Much to my surprise, SHE WON! Okay, well she actually tied another little girl for winner. But the other girl was absolutely gorgeous, and I was proud that my little princess could even hold her own against this other child! As a prize, Sophie is featured in the winner’s page, and I also received a gift certificate to use on their site. They have SOOO much to choose from!  They have dress-up costumes in all kid’s sizes, regular everyday clothing, uber-cute boutiqe type clothing, and even toys and shower gifts!

I finally settled on their Precious Pink Wabbit Baby Bunny Costume

As you can see, Sophie just LOVES it! It even comes with the cute plush carrot rattle to complete the look! The costume itself is SUPER high quality. It is very soft and comfortable for baby to wear, and it even has snaps up the legs to facilitate easy diaper changes! I cannot wait for Halloween so I can show Sophie off in her bunny costume! And for 32.00, this is a steal! MUCH better quality than you will find at your local WalMart or Halloween store!

I must also say that customer service at AdorableBabyClothing.com is fantastic. There was a bit of confusion regarding my order, and Cynthia at AdorableBabyClothing.com called me personally to clear it up. She was very helpful, very friendly, and I really enjoyed chatting with her! It was very refreshing to deal with a company that is dedicated to providing top quality products and excellent customer service!

I would definitely recommend AdorableBabyClothing.com if you have a special occasion you need to dress your little one for…. Or if you have a Baby Shower to attend…Or if you want some really neat baby toys….Or if you need formal attire for your little ones. So go take a look around! I am glad to have found this online store, and plan to shop with them again! Oh, and not to mention, shipping was lightning fast! I had her costume within 48 hours of placing my order!


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