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Review: BabyBug Creations, LLC

My first review of 2011 is one I am very excited about! I was lucky enough to win the item of my choice during a Facebook flash giveaway awhile back from BabyBug Creations, LLC. I felt like a kid in a candy store as I browsed their inventory, deciding what awesome item I would select! They have SOOO many adorable  handcrafted items for both babies and mama! (Yes, I said for moms, too! Ashley makes some really cute mama bags!) BabyBug has a huge selection, and I must admit, it was not an easy choice for me at all. Just LOOK at some of Ashley’s cute designs! She makes TONS of things, from tutu outfits that would be perfect for any little princess, to soaker outfits, wet bags, Boppy covers, adorable wipe cases, aprons, key fobs, and even unique, customized nursery lettering ! And on top of all that, a little birdy told me that Ashley has been expanding her inventory lately to include “un-paper” towels, for those of us who are dedicated to eco-friendly living as well as baby leg-warmers and loads of other treasures!

Look at this tutu outfit! I would SO love to get one of these for Sophie! I love the zebra print as well as the coordinating colors in the tutu.

And check out this Ooga-Booga Skirty Soaker!I absolutely ADORE this! And let me point out that these skirties look sooo cute on baby. The skirt is full and twirly, and I know my daughter LOVES wearing hers! But we’ll get to that in a minute, after I show you more of what BabyBug has to offer!

I also love their Wet Bags! I am not 100% sure on the sizing, but I know there are several sizes listed for sale, and they come in very cute patterns. I know when the hubby realizes we actually need a BIG wet bag having 2 babies in cloth, I plan to ask Ashley for more details. Look how cute this print is! And I love this Boppy cover, too!

And if these items alone don’t have you running to check out BabyBug Creations, here are a few other items they offer… Yes, these are soaker outfits! Look how wonderfully they match! No more searching for a top that matches your super cute soakers! BabyBug has thought of it all, and offers these wonderful soaker-ensembles! My personal faves are the polka dots and the purple ooga-booga prints!

And I can’t forget the custom nursery letters! They come in a HUGE variety of colors and patterns, and would definitely brighten up any baby’s room. I love these ones! Aren’t they cheerful and fun?

So I’m sure you can all see why I had SUCH a hard time deciding which item I would choose,lol…BabyBugCreations has so many wonderful items! Ultimately, I chose a really cute skirty-soaker outfit for my daughter.(Pictured is just the soaker. The shirt is somewhere in the laundry, which is the hubby’s job right now, and I couldn’t find it haha) It is a very heavy, durable fleece, and has cute little girly skulls and hearts on it. Perfect for the Princess with an attitude! Even my husband, who pretends to be allergic to anything TOO girly or frilly, absolutely LOVES this item. I also have to say that the quality is amazing…BabyBug  definitely pays attention to detail, and this cute little soaker even passed my ultimate test. Overnight with a fitted diaper! I was a little worried that Sophie would wake up one soaking wet mess, but I am very pleased to say that wasn’t the case. There is an extra “pad” sewn into the diaper area of the soaker for absorbency, and boy, does it work!  I have to say that I am 100% satisfied with the product I received from BabyBugCreations, and I plan to shop with them in the future. They have wonderful products, stellar customer service, and everything has  unique, handcrafted touches that only a WAHM can provide.

Look at Sophie in her skirty!!

So go check them out! They can be found HERE at their online shop, as well as on Facebook . And if you shop between 1/1/2011 -1/11/2011, you can get FREE SHIPPING on ANY size order by using the code HAPPYNEWYEAR

***I received no compensation of any kind  for this review, and all opinions are 100% true, accurate, and my own.***


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