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Come On, Labor! I am DONE!

Okay, so I am ready to be DONE with the whole perpetually pregnant thing. I am moody, I am in pain, I am having awful contractions quite frequently, but not frequently enough to warrant a hospital trip, and every time I pee, it feels like Xander is going to fall out. I cannot sleep. I cannot get comfortable. Just walking around makes me have this crazy, intense pelvic pressure coupled with a tightening pain and nausea….This just is not fun anymore! When he gets the hiccups, I FEEL it in my crotch, as gross as that sounds, and I am having shooting pains in my thighs that are pretty painful. I am also having what feels like menstrual cramping x 100. Oh, and not to mention diarrhea! Can’t forget the Hershey squirts that never seem to subside! I can’t get up without help, unless I roll everywhere, and I am literally so irritable that I want to kill anyone who looks at me wrong. I am HUGE…My belly is like an overinflated beach ball, and I have lost pretty much all balance and coordination. I feel like cattle, too, on top of it all. My boobs are not just leaking, they are spraying, especially when I am holding Sophie. It’s so gross!!! I guess I won’t have to worry too much about having a good milk supply when Xander is born, but come on, really?! That’s supposed to come after the baby is born, not before! Hopefully this is a sign that he may actually decide to nurse. I really would like to breastfeed, but that didn’t work out with Kyle or Sophie, so we shall see….

I am also now totally rethinking peacefully going along with another C-section. They have recently changed the guidelines regarding VBACs, and are saying that a vaginal birth (which I have never had) is much safer than even an elective, repeat cesarean. And even having had 2 cesareans, I may still be a good candidate for a VBAC. The increased risk is literally miniscule, and if labor is attempted in a hospital with medical staff on hand in case something goes wrong, I really think I could handle having a normal birth. My pregnancy has been smooth sailing…I don’t have diabetes, my blood pressure is textbook perfect, I have not gained a lot of weight, and the baby is measuring perfectly. So why wouldn’t they let me try, at least? It’s my body…It’s MY baby…It should also be MY birth, the way I want it. Now if it were deemed medically necessary to have a repeat surgery, I could understand. But I really haven’t been given any reasons at all why this is a necessary procedure. I plan to ask at my doctor’s appointment on Monday, and to make my feelings known, with Dan there to back me up, of course. As much as I adore my doctor, I do not think he will budge. But I have to know I at least tried.

In the meantime, I am thinking about trying to speed up labor….I am pretty much considered term now, at 37 weeks, and maybe if I go into active labor and dilate enough, I can try and time my arrival to the hospital so that I get there just in time to push. Okay, so maybe that’s a nice daydream…But maybe if labor starts on its own, I will have a better shot at having a VBAC. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised at all if I am already dilated a couple of centimeters already. I really have the feeling that it’s close…Just a gut feeling…Dan even thinks we may have a Christmas baby, or maybe even another New Year’s baby.

So I guess it might be time to start amusing myself and going through the motions of trying to start labor, yet again…It didn’t work with Sophie, but I am just so ready to be done that I guess it may be worth another shot….Everything except for the castor oil, of course…That just ended in disaster and gave me the most painful thrombosed hemerrhoid ever! THAT was misery! But there are other things I am prepared to do….Raspberry Leaf Tea, Cumin Tea (YUCK!!!), spicy food (which I normally love so I may be immune), running up and down the stairs, galloping,intercourse, bumpy car rides, cleaning like a mad-woman, and I might even pull out the breast-pump, even though I am dreading it. (Ouch!!!) Maybe even get some blue or black cohosh or some evening primrose oil…I haven’t tried those in the past, but I hear they can be effective.

In any case, I am tired of constantly being in pain…I am tired of going from 0 to bitch in no time flat, I am just tired of the whole thing…I want to meet and hold my baby! My body is giving me every sign that’s it’s time…Now why won’t he just be ready, already?


December 23, 2010 - Posted by | My Story

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