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30 Days Of Truth~Day 12:Something I Never Get Compliments On

First here is a bit of a disclaimer: This is my blog. I find it easier to open up when I write, and I am very candid and to the point. Sometimes what I say is positive, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes  people may agree with me, sometimes they won’t. This 30 day challenge is all about raw honesty and self-examination. It is about being real with your feelings. It is not to cause drama, it is not to point fingers, it is not to do anything other than be real with myself as I complete this 30 day journey. I will not sugar coat things, and I will not deny myself the ability to express my feelings freely just because some of them may not be all rainbows and butterflies. I am a firm believer that if you feel something, LET yourself feel it. Get it out. Learn to heal. Right or wrong, feelings are just that: Feelings. And there is no personal growth if they are not dealt with or expressed. I am not doing this challenge to bash anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings. As a matter of fact, I am choosing to not go into specific names or relationships where applicable, because I do not want to create drama. But this is MY blog. It is my outlet to express myself  in any way I choose to. Life is not always happy or glamorous. I won’t lie to my readers or myself and say it is on here just to placate anyone or present things a way that they’re not. If I am having a great day, you will know it. If I am having a bad day, you’ll know that, too. This challenge has not been an easy one to take on, but I see more benefit to MYSELF in doing it than in not doing it. If you want me to keep things real, keep reading. If you cannot respect my right to talk about my own feelings and my life in a raw and honest manner, no one is forcing you to stay and read. That’s the wonderful thing about the internet. One click and you can go somewhere else, and anything you don’t like will be lost in cyberspace. Out of sight, out of mind. Now on to today’s challenge….


Okay…Something I never get compliments on…Well, obviously I am not going to get compliments on my rock hard abs,lol…After 3 pregnancies, I don’t have them! And honestly, on women that’s kind of gross, anyway. Women are supposed to be softer and with curves. Something else I never get compliments on are my super-genius mathematical skills…Okay, that’s a given, because without a calculator, I am awful at math. I mean terrible. Always have been. I have a Dan, though, so I don’t have to worry too much about that. I am just much stronger in English and language and retaining useless information. Yep, just call me Trivia Queen!

Hmm…I also don’t get praised for my ability to not worry about every damn thing in the world. I am actually probably the world’s biggest worry wart! I worry constantly. I am actually shocked I don’t have an ulcer! And the funny thing is, I spend most of my time worrying about everyone else. I don’t usually voice it, though, because I usually get the “Oh God, Brandy, Do you ever stop worrying?”  speech,lol. When I get overly worried, I just tend to withdraw rather than drive everyone nuts with it, and then I laugh at myself later when everything ends up being fine.

I also have absolutely no mechanical aptitude whatsoever, another thing having a Dan comes in handy for, and I have basically no organizational skills. I hate lists. I have a good memory,and I don’t need to write everything down. It actually kind of drives me nuts when people have to write lists for every little thing they need to accomplish. I guess I just don’t understand that way of thinking…My memory has always served me just fine. As a matter of fact, I act as Dan’s memory, too, because his is awful!

But that’s okay…For all the things I don’t get compliments on, there are plenty of things I do, and that is enough for me. 🙂


December 19, 2010 - Posted by | My Story

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