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Can I Last 6 More Weeks Without Killing Anyone? 3rd Trimester Grumpies

Okay, so I have been truly awful about posting lately….My whole house got sick, and of course, I got slammed with this “cold” the worst. I happen to think it’s pneumonia or tuberculosis, but my doctor assures me otherwise,lol. So for the past week or two, I have been literally laid-up hacking up every internal organ in my body, having sweats and chills, not being able to breathe, losing my voice, and just being generally BLAH. I have been *starting* to feel a tiny bit better over the past few days, but I’m still not back up to par yet.I am still coughing like mad, and I have more chest congestion than I thought was humanly possible. So that is why I have been pretty much MIA lately.


I do have some updates. My scheduled C-section has been changed from January 19th to January 14th. I am not going to argue with 5 less days of being pregnant. My body is ready to be DONE already!  I’m sure my family is ready to be done with it, too! This is the home stretch, and Momma is cranky. I don’t know what has taken over me, but one minute I am fine, and the next I am screaming at someone or spontaneously breaking out into sobbing fits…My husband can LOOK at me wrong or fart too loudly and I am ready to fight. I mean, it really doesn’t take much to irritate me lately. I am snappish, I am nasty, my body is in constant pain, I can’t sleep comfortably, and I am just SO tired of being pregnant. I mean, I have literally been either preggo or recovering from a c-section for about 2 years straight. Talk about a hormonal roller-coaster. My body feels like it’s going through Armageddon and in a way, I guess it is. I never really had a chance to fully recover after having Sophie, and then BOOM, here comes Xander on the way. My body is very angry with me, and makes no secret of it!

And the amount of stress during this pregnancy has been soooo overwhelming, too, which I am sure doesn’t help much. There  have been so many challenges and hardships we have had to cope with, and all while getting used to having a new baby and a new pregnancy. Dan lost his job and was unemployed for a couple of months in the early summer, and then went to a job that ripped him off and shorted his pay every week, and now he is at a new job with a reputable company, but we’re still struggling to catch back up. And with the holidays and Sophie’s 1st birthday FAST approaching, I am under so much stress. It makes you feel awful as a parent to not be able to provide much for your kids during the holidays. And now we have the unanticipated extra expense of needing to scramble and get newborn diapers before Xander is born, and it looks like we may not even be able to have a party for Sophie’s 1st birthday now. Just too much going on all at once. I have luckily been able to win a few presents for the kids, (more for Sophie, since Kyle is 10 and VERY picky,lol) so that takes a little of the burden off of us.  I am still trying to win more, but I’m doing the best I can, and I am sure the kids won’t hold it against me if this year is a little tighter than usual. Christmas isn’t ABOUT the presents anyway, and I want my kids to know the true meaning of Christmas anyway. 🙂

Oh!! There is good news, too! After turning into a human pin-cushion and worrying myself half to death, my 3 hour glucose screen came back 100% fine. No diabetes for me! Yay! I was really worried about that. Diabetes is a scary diagnosis, and I cannot imagine how nerve-wrecking it would be to battle that while carrying a baby. So thank God it came back fine. I just wish I hadn’t failed the 1 hour test, cause going back for the 3 hour was pretty brutal. But it was worth it to know that me and Xander are healthy.

So that has been my life over the past couple of weeks…I have been really sick, really hormonal, in pain, stressed out, and hiding under my proverbial rock to avoid snapping at those who don’t deserve it. I really don’t know what’s gotten into me, but being preggo has made me a big, giant meanie! So I think I am going to lay low. The last thing I want to do is yell at anyone for no reason. And I have been doing just that on a regular basis recently. I guess I have a VERY low bullsh*t tolerance level right now, and don’t need anyone pushing my buttons. I am not a mean person, and the last thing I want to do is unnecessarily go off on anyone because my hormones have turned me into a psycho, grouchy,crying mess!

6 more weeks….Can I survive it? Am I ready for another baby? It still doesn’t feel 100% real to me. I cannot believe that very soon we will have another child. It just doesn’t seem real. This whole pregnancy hasn’t seemed real…well, aside from the vomiting and the aches and pains and the contractions and the moodiness,lol..I just don’t feel ready. Guess it’s time that I really get used to the idea!


November 27, 2010 - Posted by | My Story

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