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Progress Cards Review and Giveaway! GREAT For All Who Love A Child!

For Anyone Who Loves A Child, Progress Cards Can Help Deal With Life’s Tougher Issues

I am pleased to say that I have recently been given the opportunity to review an awesome product called Progress Cards.  This system was developed by Scott Ertl, a long time guidance counselor who wanted to find a more effective way to teach children how to identify and communicate their thoughts and feelings in a healthy, productive way, as well as teach kids realistic coping skills for many common childhood issues, such as homework struggles, bullying, friendship tips, jealousy,honesty, the death of a pet or loved one, good sportsmanship, and the list goes on and on…(No, really, it does! There are 60 different topics!)

Here is more info, taken from the Progress Cards website:

Do you want to help a child, but you struggle to find the best ways to help?

Do you wish you knew what to say, but don’t have the time to read all the parenting books?

Do you wonder how to advise your child with bullies, friends, and siblings?

Progress cards could be your answer.

Specific ways to feel better (Learn to manage and express anger, fears, jealousy, sadness…)

Effective (Learn how to get better grades, make money, get stronger, improve self-confidence…)

Proven (Learn how to get stronger, have more friends, get along better with siblings…)

Realistic suggestions (Learn to deal with divorce, bullies, testing, death of a loved one…)

Simple to follow and implement (Daily homework, morning, bedtime routines…)

Successful tips for 60 areas (Behavior, manners, shyness, focus better, study skills…)

Download instantly once purchased! (Link is active for 5 days to download or print.)

All Progress Cards can be reproduced, but they can not be altered or sold in any way. The copyright and website information must be included on each Progress Card. You may include Progress Cards in your school and class newsletters. Also, you may add a link to www.ProgressCards.com on your class and school websites, but please do not post specific Progress Cards on your class or school websites. Your licensing agreement only allows you to print them for others and not to share them on the Internet.

Most Progress Cards have 2 sides.
The front side provides specific skills to choose from for improving a specific behavior.
The reverse side has bubbles for children to chek off when they practice.


I was very excited to learn more about this program. I am the mom of a 10 year old, Kyle, who has many different issues he needs help coping with. There have been a lot of life changes, and he has been through a lot. His father was abusive to me, and he still has memory of that, he then had to cope with our divorce when I left him, and later my remarriage and the birth of his sister, Sophie, after almost 10 years of being an only child. And now he has a brother due just one year later! Not to mention, we just suffered the loss of our beloved Shih-Tzu, Mojo. That’s a lot for a kid to have to deal with in just 5 years or so!

Kyle is also a very sensitive child, and has also  been the target of bullying at school. As a parent, it’s not always easy to know the absolute right thing to say when your child is hurting. Seeing them cry leaves a mommy feeling helpless. I wish I could fight all of his battles for him.(and believe me, being this pregnant, I am crazy and hormonal enough to want to go put the fear of God into the little brats that are mean to my baby.I know that this is not something I can realistically go do.)

Progress cards can help, though. They offer REAL solutions that can teach a child to find their confidence and fight their own battles, and do so the RIGHT way. These cards are worded in a way that a child can understand, and even have a progress chart on the backs that your child can track their progress with as they practice their newly discovered problem-solving skills. Progress cards are a great tool in teaching children how to be accountable for their actions, as well as how to cope with many of life’s more challenging issues.

These cards are available as a download, and can be printed for use. I reviewed and shared these cards with my son last night, and he was very eager to learn more, and to have an alternate source of ways to deal with his feelings. Sometimes he doesn’t want to talk to mom or dad, and he doesn’t necessarily want to go to his school’s guidance counselor.These cards offer HIM a wealth of resources that he can refer to privately and without embarrassment, and they also are wonderful for opening the doors of communication between children and parents. So needless to say, he was thrilled to get to use these! He even wanted to go get a pen and paper and take notes, until I promised him we’d print them as soon as we go buy some ink for our printer!

Parents enjoy the convenience and confidentiality of purchasing and instantly downloading professional advice on common issues that children experience without having to take time to schedule an appointment with a school counselor or psychologist.

My Progress Cards would like to offer the following samples for FREE for my readers! That’s right, for FREE! So go and take a look and see just a small sample of what Progress Cards have to offer, and I guarantee you’ll want to be back to purchase the whole set! Which for 34.99, is more than worth it! These can also be purchased individually, for .99 cents a piece or LESS if you buy one of their mini-packages!

Anyway, here are your free product samples and how to get them!

The Progress Book provides 60 different areas for children to rate themselves on a scale from 0-10. Some areas are strengths, while some are weaknesses. Children know what they need to do to improve some of the areas, but they need help in other areas. Some children can get excellent suggestions from friends, parents or teachers in some of the areas. However, even the best parents need help at times when looking for solutions to some problems children go through.

Here’s a link to download the free Progress Book: http://www.progresscards.com/Free-Progress-Book.html

Progress Cards help children manage and express difficult feelings, learn tips to improve behaviors, and learn effective coping skills to deal with divorce, death, bullies, and much more. With school and fall sports now starting, how about  2 free Progress Cards for Friendship skills and Sportsmanship tips?

They can be downloaded at: http://www.progresscards.com/Free-Progress-Card-Samples.html


I am very excited about this product, and I know all of you moms, dads, grandmas, aunts and uncles, and friends of a child will be, too. I look forward to using these with my children and teaching them how to be stronger, healthier, more confident kids!


***No monetary compensation was received for this review. I did receive a full set of Progress Cards to facilitate my review, in order to give my honest opinion. My opinions and views are 100% my own, as always.***



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