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Calling All Crunchy Mamas…Need Advice FAST!

As many of you know, Dan and I have made the transition to cloth diapering. With Sophie still in diapers and Xander on the way, it was the smartest and most economical choice for our family. I mean, who can afford sposies for 2 very different sized babies? We sure can’t! So anyway, we have been telling everyone for many months now that all we need for Xander is diapers. A friend already gave us a ton of boy clothes, and we have more toys and books than we have places to put them.

I am not getting into specific detail, but for whatever reason, our baby shower isn’t including any diapers, even though months ago we were told that it wouldn’t be a problem to have a diaper shower. Okay, so plans have changed, and at the last minute. We’re not MAD at this decision,and the shower idea family went with is a very cute one,but now we’re left in a very sticky spot. Our kids won’t be able to have a Christmas now, and I think we probably won’t even be able to give Sophie a special 1st birthday party. My husband started a new job, and they are going to be nice enough to give him a week off, but it is going to be unpaid, as he has no built up vacation time he can take. So we need to now figure out how to pay our bills, provide some sort of Christmas for the kids, worry about Sophie’s birthday, and as it stands, we only have 1 newborn diaper, 2 covers, and maybe 4 prefolds. Which we know isn’t even enough to diaper a newborn for a whole day. So literally, all we need are newborn dipes. I have been buying a bunch of one size diapers over the past few months as the budget will allow, since these will ultimately get the most use since both babies will be able to fit into them eventually, but that leaves the newborn dilemma….It looks like poor Xander isn’t going to have anything to cover his little butt! And while my scheduled c-section date is January 19th, we both have a gut feeling he will be arriving a little sooner, and we need to be ready. So I am scouring through my stuff to see if there is anything I can sell, which is a joke because I already went that route to get the one size dipes and now pickings are slim, and I am frantically entering any and all diaper giveaways and toy sweeps in hopes of compensating for our lack of ability to have Christmas now. (And as any other mommy bloggers know, you can enter all day long and not win anything!)

So here is where I need advice. I am a CD newbie here. For a newborn, I know I will be needing covers, fitteds, and prefolds, or even newborn size pockets or  AIO’s. My question is this: How many can I really expect to need if we will be doing diaper washes every 2-3 days, and what is the most cost effective way to go about doing this? Are there any great deals out there? Which companies or products are the best for newborn diapering for the best prices? How many covers, prefolds, etc will we really need? How much money do I need to somehow come up with to achieve this? Are there any creative ways I can improvise? And no I don’t mean wrap the baby in a towel,lol

Any advice here would be GREATLY appreciated. We need to try and scramble to take care of this, and we’re not quite sure how we’re going to pull it off, and I would like to just know and fully understand what I am looking at here. And who better to ask than other CD Mommas who have been there, and done that? I just really need to know what I will truly need and how much it will realistically cost before I go and try to sell my organs on the black market,lol

So ladies, HELP!!!!! Please! We’re kinda stuck here, and I could really use your educated and much more experienced advice! Thanks!


November 16, 2010 - Posted by | My Story


  1. My suggestion for diapers is to go the flats route for the newborn. You can make these very cheaply as I just made a bunch for a friend of mine. You go to the fabric store pick out flannel fabrics and get 3/4yd. Each 3/4 yd should get you two just cut down the fold line and finish the edge. You can also find tutorials online how to fold them. You will still need covers and pins for these but it’s truly the cheapest form of cloth diapering. Especially since flannel at JoAnn’s last I checked was 2.99/yd. Good luck!

    Comment by Faith Hilsinger | November 16, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks, Faith! I will check into that. Only problem is, I have no idea how to sew,lol…Do you need to have a sewing machine, or is it simple enough to attempt to do by hand? I always wished I were craftier, and now I see that learning to sew really could have saved my butt (or Xander’s) right now. I am going to research this, though, and hopefully it will be simple enough that I can figure out how to do it. I love WAHM diapers, and have always wondered how to make them. Is flannel absorbent? Do I need to stuff it? I guess I will do a google search and see if this is something so easy a caveman (or woman) can do it! Thanks again! I appreciate it!

      Comment by Brandy | November 16, 2010 | Reply

      • You will need to finish the edge. I’m close to you. I would be willing to finish the edge for you 🙂 It wouldn’t take long at all. You would just need to cut them in the halves. Also, I have prefolds I’m not using you could have 🙂

        As far as being a newbie to CD, if you want to start with prefolds or flats you will only need the diaper, pins and covers. Nothing else. Fitteds aren’t at all necessary and I’m personally not a fan. My favorites are pockets because they wash and dry easier. So, if you want to move to something “bigger and better” than prefolds and flats that’s the way to do it. Also, check out sites for Prowraps or Whisper Wraps they are VERY cheap ($$ wise). Something like $2 a cover.

        *Just making a note/suggestion that I have started a Cloth101 Yahoo Group for Fredericksburg, check it out we’d love to have you.

        Comment by scrapmmy | November 17, 2010

      • Oh very cool! Can you send me the Yahoo group info? I am stuck on bedrest, so if there are physical meetings I probably won’t be able to make it till after Xander is born and I am somewhat healed, but if it’s online, too, you can count me in! I bought a bunch of OS pockets on ebay, and I am loving them. That’s what I primarily have Sophie in now, and they are very convenient. I just wish the diaper companies were a little more honest about sizing…They claim to fit newborns, but every CD mom I have talked to has said otherwise, that they are way too big and will leak like mad on a newborn, and that newborn clothing won’t even fit over-top of them! So while I thought I had all my bases covered getting a bunch of OS pockets, apparently that isn’t the case. I still have a lot to learn…Like how to fold a prefold, for one, how to sew because now I am determined to learn,lol…I am just stressing cause this pregnancy is kicking my butt,haha. Only a couple of months more, if he feels like staying put that long!

        Comment by Brandy | November 17, 2010

  2. Mary to the rescue. I will do some looking around tonight and find some good deals. If you want to wash every other day I would suggest 24 prefolds. Honestly skip fitteds for now….really no point. I will get further into it later…I have ideas for you. 🙂

    Comment by Mary | November 16, 2010 | Reply

    • Okay…now with prefolds, do you just lay them into the covers or do you HAVE to use pins or snappis? I am confuzzled as to how they work!

      Comment by Brandy | November 17, 2010 | Reply

  3. I was gonna suggest the same thing as Faith – make them. They’ll be way cheaper. It does suck if you don’t have a sewing machine, but they haven’t always had sewing machines and you can definitely make them by hand – it’ll just take longer. I’m actually in the process of making one right now.

    ^^ This is a really good tutorial on making a fitted cloth diaper, but she doesn’t have a template so you’ll have to find a template online.

    ^^ Here’s a site with a bunch of them.

    On that same web site, they have an explanation of fabrics that I found VERY helpful! lol

    Comment by Gabrielle - Monkey Momma | November 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Gabby, I don’t know how to sew. At all. Otherwise I would have been making them all along,lol

      Comment by Brandy | November 17, 2010 | Reply

  4. Brandy, We all thought that the book thing was a cute idea. Cloth diapers are not that expensive. You can go to walmart and get a package of cloth diapers with like 6 in them for like 6 bucks! I know mom saw them there. So you could get enough diapers to last for a few days for under 50 dollars.

    As for selling things.. why not stick all of sophies old stuff like clothes and stuff on ebay!


    Comment by Janis | November 17, 2010 | Reply

    • Oh the book thing IS a cute idea, but if anyone had bothered talking to us, they’d have found out we already have around 500 baby and children’s books. (Dan counted them when he was really pissed off.) Literally so many that we don’t even have a place to put them all. We specifically told everyone all we needed were dipes, and we were told that we’d have a Diaper Shower by a relative, and then things got changed at the last second without our knowledge at all. The CDs at walmart are prefolds, which actually also require covers(or else they will leak in no time) and snappis or pins, so it’s actually a lot more expensive than you think. I DID sell all of Sophie’s stuff, and that’s how we bought our one size diapers, and I also got a few on freecycle. We wouldn’t have been able to afford it otherwise. But I invested in mostly one size diapers since both babies will eventually be able to use them at the same time. But they do not fit newborns, apparently, and as it stands Xander is not going to have any diapers at all. I am not trying to sound bitchy,lol..I am just realllly sick right now and hormonal, and Dan has been really irritated that for months we have specifically said all we needed was one thing, we got told that wasn’t a problem, and then we completely got ignored. The way he put it was that it’s like having a great cookbook collection and no pots or pans. And then you tell everyone all you need is cookware, and you just end up getting more cookbooks, and that it doesn’t take care of the needs. So he has literally been ranting and his feelings are hurt, and I am getting the brunt of it. On top of being super-sick, and now we’re stressing big time. I wish I HAD 50 bucks to go buy more diapers. Heck, at this point, I would just go buy a case of newborn disposables. But we cannot afford it, and like I said, I have already sold everything I can figure out to sell. All of Sophie’s stuff, spare baby gear, some of my things, etc….I am just stressed and tired of listening to my husband freak out. I mean, I see his point, and I am a bit confused as to why we were completely ignored,too, but I don’t need to hear him yelling about it. What’s done is done, you know? I am now trying to find a solution and intercept any friends or family that haven’t gotten books. (At Dan’s request.) So I am at a breaking point right now due to stress and illness, and I am trying my best to not go postal,lol…I think he’s just freaking cause he doesn’t have vacation time to take yet and that when we have the baby, his leave is unpaid. And with regular bills, XMas, and Sophie’s birthday all happening at once and Xander due a couple of weeks later, it’s too stressful. And now since no one chose to listen to us, even after we were told otherwise, it’s one more thing on his plate, and it would have been better if we were at least communicated with and saw it coming. And I’m the one that gets to do all the worrying and I have to listen to him bitch. So yeah….I’m done ranting.

      Comment by Brandy | November 17, 2010 | Reply

      • I just want to add and lend some experience that the prefolds by Gerber (what you’ll find at Walmart/Target aren’t useful for much more than spit rags.

        As for, the OS not fitting newborns it really varies from brand to brand. Bumgenius are my favs and have fit DS (weighed 5.5lbs when we brought him home) and my 29lbs 3yo DD with no leak issues even with EBF baby blowouts. Now BGs are a premium brand and cost 17.95/each. My GroVia AI2s only fit DS and are OS. For a shower I recommend setting up a registry at a CD diaper shops. Abby’s Lane is in Bristow and she offers free shipping through her website. I’m an affliate of Kelly’s Closet and her link is on my blog. Both of these offer registries. Even if attendees don’t want to exclusively get you diapers there will probably be some willing to get you some 🙂

        Comment by scrapmmy | November 18, 2010

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