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3 Hour Glucose Test? Check. Thank God That’s Done!

So I went today for my 3 hour glucose test. Or should I say yesterday, cause it’s well after midnight? Anyhow, that is now out of the way. I am nervous as to the results, but I am really praying that everything turns out alright. I guess I won’t know until either I get the dreaded phone call from my OBGYN or I go to my next appointment on the 22nd. I am thinking that if something is wrong, they will call me sooner, so I am hoping for no word at all. This is one case where silence would probably be in my favor. I don’t have a good feeling, though. I don’t know why…. Maybe it’s because I am a worrier by nature, or maybe I am just too darn paranoid for my own good. We shall see.

Anyway, Dan was a sweetheart and went with me. Yep, he sat there in the boring and freezing cold waiting area with me for over 3 hours while I was turned into a human pin-cushion. He is such a good guy. I mean, how many husbands would want to do that? And he even got me Taco Bell afterwards, cause he said I deserved it after seeing the amount of holes I had in my arms. They couldn’t find my veins as usual, and now I look like a heroin addict. Thankfully, it’s chilly here, and I can wear long sleeves till the bruising subsides. But I am SORE. I hate getting blood drawn. It’s not a needle thing…Give me shots all day and I am fine. I just don’t like the idea of something that belongs in my body being taken out of me over and over…Ick…Makes me queasy. Especially since I have the world’s most stubborn veins,lol

I guess it could have been worse. We didn’t have to tote Sophie along, since her godmother and good friend of ours offered to take her. That was SUCH a blessing, since I don’t think she would have enjoyed being stuck at the lab for well over 3 hours. Plus, she has such a good time over there. She actually has a crush on Melissa’s husband, and it’s the cutest thing ever!

So now I can’t sleep, and I am entering more sweeps, but I thought I would update here since I have been doing a crappy job of it lately with everything going on. I have a house full of kids tonight, though, so I am hoping I get drowsy sooner than later! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


November 13, 2010 - Posted by | My Story

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  1. I do my best blogging at night, my brain actually is able to come back to life. lol Without a toddler asking me for all this random stuff designed to get my attention off of the computer or whatever I happen to do… thank goodness she goes to bed early! Plus lately I’ve been kicked so much at night I can’t sleep so end up getting up and blogging.

    I hope you got a good result back on your test! I think we have enough to deal with without having to take on THAT too! I’m already feeling so fat… it’s frustrating because I’m too sore and worn out to do much walking. I just pray the extra will fall off fast after my little boy comes. 🙂

    Comment by Lindsey@Kindred Spirit Mommy | November 19, 2010 | Reply

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