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Wonderful….Just Wonderful

Okay, so this morning has been nothing but a big pain in the butt. I had to go to my doctor’s appointment, and I SWORE it was at 10:30 AM. So while I was leisurely getting myself and Sophie ready at around 9:00, I glanced at the appointment card that was on the fridge. And then I began running around like a chicken with my head cut off. My appointment was at 10:00 AM. So I had to GO. It takes about a half hour to 45 minutes to get there with normal traffic in the morning, and to top it off, it is raining quite steadily today. In Virginia, at the slightest sign of inclement weather,rain included, it also seems that no one remembers how to operate a motor vehicle. So I am trying to rush to the doctor’s, and I am stuck behind some idiots doing 25 in a 55 zone. Grrr….AND some old lady almost hit me as she made an illegal left hand turn into an intersection while she had a red light. Wonderful. By this time, I was completely and utterly frazzled. I made it there with less than 5 minutes to spare, and of course me, Sophie, and her stroller all got soaked. So we walked into the doctor’s office looking like a couple of drowned rats.

To make matters worse, the waiting room was PACKED. I then find out why. My doctor, the greatest doctor in the world and the ONLY doctor that doesn’t scare the crap out of me was  stuck performing surgery this morning, and it caused the whole office to get backed up. So I had to see another doctor, and I was not at all happy. So I had to sit in a packed waiting room with a baby who was getting crankier by the second, and they FINALLY called me back to the office around 11:00.

Then I get some not so great news. My dreaded glucose test I took a week or so ago? FAILED. By 6 lousy points. They want to see the sugar levels 140 or less, and mine was 146. So now I have to take the even MORE dreaded 3 hour glucose tolerance test. This test is pure hell. They take your blood, which I hate having done, 4 separate times. Once upon arrival to get a fasting measurement, and then one every hour for 3 hours after drinking this HORRIBLE, nauseating 100mg sugary syrup that tastes like flat, thick orange soda. And I don’t even like oranges, let alone orange goo. Wonderful. Just frigging wonderful. Sophie is screaming the entire time I am in the office by the way, since she was sleepy and couldn’t fall asleep. And then I also find out that I am anemic and need to take iron supplements. Great. Iron pills mess my stomach up something fierce, as if I am not sick enough on a regular basis to begin with.

The upside is, they are scheduling my C-section now, and will call me with the time and date soon. So we will know very shortly when we can expect to welcome Xander into the world. For now, I need to mope, I need a bath, and I need a nap. I am one cranky Momma!


November 4, 2010 - Posted by | My Story


  1. Goodness, I hope the rest of your day goes better. It has too, right?

    Comment by Susan C | November 4, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks! I certainly hope it does,lol…Since I have been back home, nothing bad had happened. 🙂

      Comment by Brandy | November 4, 2010 | Reply

  2. That stuff is horrible, but orange is not the only flavor. I had root beer with Josh. Ask for another flavor.

    Comment by Aurora | November 4, 2010 | Reply

  3. I am sorry momma! It will all be worth it in the end. I had to do the 3 hour test with Bel. I napped in the big comfy recliner! 🙂

    Comment by Mary | November 4, 2010 | Reply

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