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My Favorite Things Thursday~Dimple Buns Diapers!

As many of you know, we recently made the decision to switch to cloth diapering. With Sophie in diapers, and Xander due in January, it was really a no-brainer decision! It will save us a TON of money over disposables for 2 babies, and it is much better for the environment. Plus, I am a firm believer that cloth diapers are comfier for baby. I mean, would you rather have your butt covered in something soft and plush, or in scratchy, chemical-laden paper?

So while the decision to make the switch to CD’s was inevitable, I found it very intimidating initially. There are SO many different styles and types to choose from! There are fitteds and pockets, AIO’s and AI2’s, OS dipes, prefolds and covers….It was literally enough to make me go nuts from confusion! Which types were the best, and which would be best for my babies?  So I decided I was on a mission to find out as much as I could about cloth-diapering, and I was determined to find dipes that are not only affordable and cute, but highly functional and would last while my babies are in diapers.

I am all for WAHM businesses. Not that I have a problem with big name brands, of course. I just tend to think that items that are handmade with love by women who actually USE  and have extensive knowledge of the products they make generally tend to not only have more character, but tend to also be of much higher quality than those that are mass-produced in a factory somewhere in China.

While I was scouring the web looking for cute diapers to try, I came across Dimple Buns diapers! These are so cute, and there is a HUGE variety of products on this site. The diapers are made by a very nice and helpful woman named Krystal. She was amazing to deal with. I explained my situation, and how we’re basically CD virgins, and she was kind and helpful enough to take the time out of her busy day to answer all questions I had regarding cloth-diapering,(and trust me, I had a ton!)  as well as offer many tips and tricks I may not have thought of before. She really took a lot of time to reply to me, and was very thorough in the information she gave me. And she was just a sweetheart!

I was very impressed by the look of the diapers she has made. She has many styles and sizes, mostly fitteds and AIOs. These are all absolutely gorgeous, and she uses the best materials, like suedecloth and hemp on some diapers! The designs and colorful prints are just so unique and full of personality, as well. She has a NB dipe that is blue flames that I have my eye on for Xander, and a very cute purple leopard print diaper I would love to buy for Sophie! Just LOOK at how adorable these are!

Can’t you just picture my little Xander rocking this diaper?! I LOVE it!  And look at this one:

This is just a small sample of Krystal’s work! She has TONS more styles, and has even partnered with another company to offer some pretty awesome diaper covers and other amazing products. I decided to order one of Krystal’s fitted diapers in medium, which is gender neutral and absolutely adorable with cute little turtles and multi-colored polka dots on a light blue background, as well as a Wallypop Fleecy Wrap cover in Raspberry Furry. These covers are VERY generously sized and adjustable, and will fit Sophie for quite some time! And it is SOOOO soft. Although the color is stated as raspberry, it is more of a red than pinky. Therefore making it beautifully unisex. Here are some stock photos of the fitted diaper  I purchased  taken from http://dimplebunsdiapers.com

Let me tell you, I was in love with this diaper as soon as it arrived! It was very well constructed, with no loose threads or anything, and it was soooo unbelievably soft to the skin. It was also extremely plush. I just knew it would be like sitting on a cloud to my princess. SO much more comfy than the disposables she has been used to since her birth. I couldn’t wait to put Sophie in it and see how well it held up to her heavy wetting tendencies. I was also eager to see how well it fit on her very fat little legs. Even disposables have been known to leave uncomfortable looking redness on her chunky little thighs. I was worried that I should have purchased a large, but Krystal assured me that a medium should be just fine at her weight, despite the thunder-thighs. She was absolutely right! The diaper fit beautifully, and didn’t cut into Sophie’s skin at all. It is also somewhat size adjustable due to the snaps at the waistband area. She actually should have a little room to grow and use this dipe before I have to stash it away for Xander when he is big enough. Krystal recommended that with a fitted diaper, I should use a cover. Well, I did buy and use the cover, but before I put the cover over this adorable diaper, I let Sophie crawl around in it for about 3 hours, just to test its absorbency. I was quite impressed! When I went to change her, she had definitely peed quite a bit, but the outside of this diaper was not at all damp. Let’s just say I was sold,haha. Here are some photos of Sophie proudly playing in her Dimple Buns diaper!

I did elect to try the cover out as well, after a quick wash of the fitted. i figured I would try the fitted + cover combo for overnight. I honestly think the fitted diaper would have been fine on its own, as it was highly absorbent, but I decided to go ahead and try both together. Sophie is a good sleeper. She usually sleeps a good 8-10 hours at night. When she woke up the next morning, I was surprised to see that while she definitely peed a lot, both the outside of the fitted and the cover were absolutely, 100% dry! No leaks here! So while I am sure the cover adds extra protection, when I pair it with the Dimple Buns fitted diaper, it has been more for looks,lol…Maybe I will try it with other fitteds once I buy some and see if it holds in leaks, but Krystal’s diapers are so well made that there have been no leaks to contain yet. So I do use the cover, but it’s because I love the look of it. There is nothing cuter than Sophie crawling around with a furry butt!

I am so glad I decided to give Dimple Buns a try! Not only are they excellent, lovingly handmade diapers, they are truly very high quality. And the customer service you will receive from Krystal is top-notch! She was a pleasure to deal with, and I look forward to buying more of her diapers, just as soon as the hubby will let me. (hint, hint to family and friends…These would make wonderful baby gifts for Xander!) 

Her prices are also very affordable. Most fitteds range from 10-12 dollars a piece, depending on size, and the AIO’s range from 12.00-15.50, again depending on size and options. The covers are equally affordable, as well.  For something so well-made, I think the pricing is a steal!

Also, for the month of October, Dimple Buns Diapers has the following sale going on to save you even more!

*excludes Wallypop, Lovey’s, and Lunapads products*

Doesn’t that make you want to run over to http://dimplebunsdiapers.com to  try these awesome diapers out? I know you won’t be disappointed. Take a look around, and let me know YOUR favorite designs and features. And be sure to sign Krystal’s guestbook and let her know you stopped by! 

A special thanks to Krystal at Dimple Buns for all of her help and being so willing to answer my questions. I definitely love her products, and plan to place another order soon!

Also, Dimple Buns is on Facebook! Be sure to visit and leave some comment love on their page!


****No compensation of any kind was provided for this post. I purchased these products myself for the purposes of reviewing and stocking my CD stash. All opinions are 100% truthful and my own.****


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  1. Great review! My SIL just had her 3rd child and these would look so cute on my niece, but she doesn’t want to use cloth…

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog 😉

    Comment by Lorri Jeanne | October 8, 2010 | Reply

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