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Oooh! Dan Has Given Me A Little Project! Something To Do!!

So Dan is the manager of an auto shop, and the previous manager was completely and totally incompetent. He was literally tanking the place. Dan has the not-too-easy job of re-establishing clientele, and repairing the reputation of his particular location. Things have gotten much better since he’s taken over, but they aren’t yet where he’d like them to be.

I have been brainstorming and thinking of ways to attract business, such as posting ads on CL for a discount on the total invoice, and I am going to be setting up a Facebook page for his particular location, and running contests on Facebook Promotions for things like free oil changes and state inspections. I will also be putting together a customer appreciation Holiday brunch with things like ham, roasts, appetizer platters, a casserole or two, and of course pizza and hot dogs for the kids.  I have also decided to donate some of my unused bath and beauty products to raffle as prizes. For example, for every 100.00 spent, a customer would gain one entry. I am going to make cute gift baskets that would be great for the holidays as first and second prizes, and the grand prize will be FREE LIFETIME oil changes! That’s right…Free oil changes for the life of the vehicle! (Which is something they offer for around 300.00!)

So I am pretty excited. I am stuck here pregnant and taking care of Sophie, which is exactly where I want and need to be, but that doesn’ t really contribute to the household income. It makes me feel good that I can do things to help with his business, so I can feel like I am helping our bottom line at least a little bit.

If anyone has any other ideas to attract business, please comment and let me know! What kind of dishes would YOU like to see at a customer appreciation luncheon? What kinds of products would you like to see in a raffle gift basket? What else would you do to market and get people in the door? Let me know! I’d love to hear any and all ideas you might have!


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