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What A Weekend! I Got The Flu, and the Bears Actually Won….And So Did I!!

Wow, it’s been a hectic weekend here! A week or so ago, Kyle came home sick from school, and then Sophie caught whatever he had. Luckily, all she experienced was a cough, viral conjunctivitis which is now gone (thank God!) and a little sneeze. No fever whatsoever. Which I am soooo thankful for, as there is nothing scarier than a little baby with a high temp…Talk about losing sleep!  I *thought* I was in the clear, but then Friday night, I ended up sick. And I mean VERY sick….Maybe it was something I ate, but I am thinking it was the flu, since I am still suffering somewhat. At least the trips to the restroom have slowed down just a little this evening.

So today, I have had a great day! I watched the Chicago vs Dallas game, and the Bears actually WON! Which was a total shocker, as Dallas is usually considered a much more formidable opponent! We’re Bears fans in my household. I never really watched football at all till I met my husband. The first season or two we were together, I just kinda went off and did my own thing while he made an ass of himself screaming at the TV. I just didn’t GET it….Then the next season, when they booted Grossman and replaced him with Orton as starting QB, I started paying more attention in an attempt to understand my husband’s obsession. It took a few games, but I started to understand the game. Pretty soon, I was hooked, and I was actually yelling louder than he did,lol…Last season they sucked. I was pretty upset that they traded Orton for Cutler. Orton was a good QB and worked well with the team. Cutler never really impressed me until today. I’m eager to see how he does the rest of the season. But Chicago has won their first 2 regular season games, and that’s a darn good start! Not to mention, Dan was in a very good mood for the rest of the day! GO BEARS!!!!

Today we also made the difficult decision that we need to try and re-home our Pekingese, Pugsley. We have been going back and forth on this issue for months. He isn’t a horrible dog, but an environment with children just isn’t the best thing for him. He is very skittish and cannot handle sudden movements, and has been known to freely nip at anything that alarms him. Even friends’ children and family have been afraid of him because of his agressive nature. 95% of the time he’s fine, but the other 5%, he is pretty vicious. He has bitten me, my hubby, my son, and has even nipped at the baby and other kids that have been around…And all they were doing was just being high-energy kids. With Sophie here and another baby on the way, we just cannot take that kind of risk. I have been wanting to find him another home for awhile now, and Dan finally agreed that it’s something we just need to do. We posted an ad on our local Craigslist, and hopefully we will find him a more suitable home soon. Of course, we did specify he needs  a home without small children.

I also found out I am the lucky winner of a Simple Wishes Pumping Bustier from the My Sentiments ExactLee blog! I have been wanting one ever since I first saw it on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami! It is a nursing/breast-pumping accessory that allows you to pump hands-free! And anyone who has pumped knows how time consuming pumping can be, even with an electric pump. Holding the cups on your tata’s for 20-30 minutes a stretch doesn’t allow for much multi-tasking at all! This is a bustier that holds the shield in place for you, and you can do other things at the same time. I am sooooo excited about this win! You can expect a review once our son is born in January. This is too cool not to share!

And last but not least, I have started going through and trying to organize the nursery. I have been trying to sort through and make room for things for the new baby, as well as weed out any of Sophie’s clothing that doesn’t fit. I have also been trying to see what, if anything, will work for a baby boy. When we were expecting Sophie, money was better, and we WAY over-bought. This child has more clothing than anyone I know! So I was able to fill up an entire crib full of clothing to post on EBay and the proceeds will go towards our cloth diaper fund. Between giving some to friends, and selling the rest, it should make considerable room for the new baby’s things, and hopefully will bring in enough money to get a good supply of diapers for both babies. Cloth diapers are crazy expensive, and there is no way we’d be able to afford a stockpile for 2 babies otherwise! I have found a few WAHM diaper makers that have super-cute dipes I will definitely be trying, and there is always diaperswappers.com, hyenacart.com, and EBay to buy our diapers from. I actually just ordered a couple from EBay dirt cheap. I am not going to buy these in bulk without trying them first, even if they are inexpensive. I mean, they are coming directly from some factory in China…But 12 dollars for 2 OS diapers with inserts isn’t a huge investment, and worth a shot. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.  Anyway, now my nursery literally looks like a tornado hit it, due to all the sorting and separating items. Thank God Sophie is still sleeping in our room…we would probably lose her in there right now! I took pics just to show how crazy awful it looks right now. Remember, nothing is put away or organized yet…Just sorted. Boy, I have my work cut out for me. It’s going to take months to get the nursery functional!

Sophie’s stuff that FITS and needs to be put away:(Yes, the crib is FULL)

Pile of stuff that is possibly gender neutral enough to work on the new baby and needs to be put away: (With the exception of the few pink items that just need to be hung-up)

HELLO, EBay!!! Stuff I need to sort into lots and sell…Literally hundreds of items! Temporarily making their home in Baby-To-Be’s crib!

And I think we need another toy box….Stuffed animals, anyone?

So the task of getting the nursery baby ready is going to be daunting, to say the least! At least we have a few months to do it!

So that was my weekend….Other than being super-sick, it was pretty good!

What was everyone else up to? Anything exciting? Comment and let me know!


September 20, 2010 - Posted by | My Story


  1. Don’t forget the toy drive … we could SOOOO use the stuffed animals if you would be willing to disinfect them 🙂 LOVE YOU … it will all get done!!

    Comment by Erin | September 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. I actually already thought of that, and have a BIG bag of stuffed animals set aside for that. I just need to steam-sanitize them! Love you, too!

    Comment by Brandy | September 20, 2010 | Reply

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