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In Facebook Jail All In The Name Of Cloth Diapers :(

I am so upset!!!!! I was on Facebook participating in a HUGE giveaway event another blogger was hosting…It started at 10:00, and was going till probably 2:00AM. Every 3 minutes, she was giving away a new prize, and choosing winners using random.org. To enter, you had to “like” a sponsor’s page and leave a comment. Then after 3 minutes or so, she would announce a winner or a particular prize, and move on to the next item. I was PSYCHED about this, because this blogger gives away a TON of cloth diapers. Which we DESPERATELY need for Sophie and soon for Xander, and just cannot afford. I was clicking away, following all instructions, and even congratulated all the winners. I was having fun! I don’t think I have ever hit refresh so many times in my life, but hey, we’re talking diapers here! I was more than willing to do whatever it took!

So it was a couple hours in, and I hadn’t won yet….FINALLY, she started rolling out the cloth diaper giveaways! I went to a sponsor’s FB page, clicked “like”, and BAM….I could not comment! FB said I apparently was engaging in behavior that was abusive or annoying, and I could not comment on any post for a period of time lasting anywhere from a few hours to a few DAYS….WTF?! And all I was doing was following the flipping directions!!! Apparently, I hadn’t pissed anyone off…Facebook saw that I left a lot of comments, which is what I was supposed to do, and it flagged me as SPAM. And JUST as the cloth diaper giveaways began!

I got so upset, I literally cried! I have been SOOOOO stressed over how we were going to get a supply of cloth diapers for the babies. It is something we NEED to do…Financially, there is no way around it. But the start-up cost, although one time, is HUGE….And we just don’t have the money at all. Heck, till they fix Dan’s check, we don’t have money for Sophie’s diapers! And here was this awesome opportunity to win several diapers, and I was not able to enter. I have been praying to win some diapers, just to take a little of the burden off of us, but I just haven’t gotten that lucky yet. And tonight’s giveaway would have been perfect!

So here I am, MORE stressed, more upset and hormonal, AND I cannot respond to anything on FB for God knows HOW long…. I was just trying to help my family and follow the rules, and the damn FB spam detectors screwed me! Dan is mad, too. Maybe I should sell a kidney in exchange for diapers, cause it seems I am never going to be able to get any and my babies will have to poop in old newspapers, lol

I am NOT having a good evening…Not to mention my headache that I have had for 2 days now….Grrrrrr


September 18, 2010 - Posted by | For Adults Only...More Mature Posts regarding Marriage, Sex, and Other Blunders And Reviews, My Story


  1. Hey sweetie this happened to me too on FB on my heart site … it really upset me and I thought that someone had done it personally by reporting me … but I also like all the “heart defect” pages and such so people know they can add me for support … I’m sorry I know you are just doing what is right for your family and I’m doing what is good for people’s spirit … but it seems the good guys finish last 😦

    Comment by Erin | September 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. So sorry this happened to you! I knew there was a Twitter jail, but I didn’t know there was a FB jail.

    As far as trying to afford the cloth diapers–start small. You don’t have to lay out $200+ just to get started. Buy one at a time and gradually wean your family off cloth diapers.

    I started with a trial program at Jillian’s Drawers. I put the fee on my credit card, so when I returned the diapers I didn’t want within three weeks and ordered a few more, I had a little over $100 to pay off on my card. Bloggers and retailers want you to think that you need a huge amount of diapers to start with, but you can make do with less. We started with 9 pocket diapers for daytime diapering in April and have gradually added to the stash as we could afford it. I think we have about 17 now and cloth diaper 24 hours a day.

    Prefolds and covers are going to be an economical way to go too, of course. And try Etsy–you’ll find a lot of WaHMs on there selling quality diapers that are considerably less expensive than the big name brands.

    Sorry if I laid a lot of unwanted advice on you, but your frustration sounds very familiar to me!

    Comment by hannah @ mommy's firsts | September 18, 2010 | Reply

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