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My Favorite Things Thursday- Tide and Downy Loads of Hope

I know it may seem odd that I am featuring laundy detergent as one of my favorite things this week. But let’s face it; laundry is a reality we all have to live with, and until it’s acceptable to just go naked,(and let’s face it….That isn’t necessarily a pleasant idea. Especially not my fat, pregnant butt!) the necessity to do laundry is here to stay, no matter how much we may despise the chore.  In my household, we do a TON of laundry. Between Dan’s stinky socks, Sophie’s baby food and spit-up messes, and the copious messes I tend to make in the name of morning sickness, we literally sometimes do 3 full loads of laundry a day. Yes, I said a day. Luckily, the laundry is Dan’s one and only household chore, so the only time it affects me is when I have to gripe at him for letting it pile up. (That’s a whole other story in itself,lol)

We love Tide detergent here in my household. And Downy fabric softener, too. Yes, there are many different options for detergent, and this isn’t something many people think about. I love Tide for several reasons. For one, it really gets the ground-in, deep down messes clean. You moms out there know what pureed sweet potatoes can do to an outfit!  And the different scents are wonderful. I personally like the Tide detergent with Febreze. There is nothing better than pulling my freshly washed, soft comforter onto me at night and just enjoying the fresh and pleasant smell. It makes falling asleep for the night even more of a pleasure!

Another reason I am happy to support Tide is because they give back, and they do so when it’s needed the most. Have you heard of the Tide Loads of Hope Program?  This is a wonderful program that helps victims of disaster. The wonderful people at Proctor and Gamble designed this program to provide a FREE mobile laundry unit with OVER 30 high-efficiency washers and driers to help those caught in the wake of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina and the disaster in Haiti. They have volunteers that leave their creature comforts behind and travel to these places where devastation has occurred to help ensure that the victims left in the wake of disaster at least have clean clothing to wear. When I learned about this, it truly touched my heart. It isn’t often that corporate America steps up to help those in need, and Tide has gone above and beyond to do just that, time and time again.

I am very impressed not only with Tide products, but with the fact that the people at Proctor and Gamble have a heart and truly care about providing something we take for granted until it’s gone to those who need it the most.

A fellow blogger, Experimental Mommy, is hosting a giveaway through the 20th where a lucky reader can win a FULL YEAR’S supply of both Tide Detergent and Downy fabric softener in celebration of this wonderful product. Please check her blog out, and go enter! The link to this wonderful giveaway is:


And please, next time you’re at the store buying household cleaning supplies, show your support and buy Tide detergent and Downy fabric softener. Not only will you be giving your laundry a superior clean, you will be helping to support a wonderful cause.


September 16, 2010 - Posted by | My Favorite Things Thursdays, My Story

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  1. Your blog title is so funny!!! I found you on MBC. Pregnancy is a never ending topic. I should know, I have been writing about it for a year and a half at Families.com 🙂

    Comment by Kim | September 16, 2010 | Reply

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