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My Favorite Things Thursdays: Diapers.com Premium Baby Diapers Review


For my first Favorite Things Thursday post, I am featuring Diapers.com. Or more specifically, their site-branded Diapers.com Premium Baby Diapers. Now I am fully aware that I may be totally asking for it from all the cloth-diapering moms out there, as these are in fact disposable diapers. Dan and I have not yet made the switch to cloth, since we literally have absolutely no understanding of all the different styles and types of diapers, and what fits who, how,where, etc…I don’t know the difference between a pocket and a fitted, or what an AIO or AI2 is, and how they differ from eachother. I have no idea how to put them on or launder them, and what special instructions there are for doing so. This IS something we want to learn, as with another baby on the way, we feel it would be a very smart and economical move to switch from disposable to cloth. But until I really understand it and figure out what type(s) will work best for us, I just cannot afford to make such a huge initial investment right now. I have been trying like hell to win sample cloth diapers on other blogs, but haven’t gotten so lucky just yet. And as far as I know, there is no cloth diaper fairy just showering people with diapers,lol…

So for the time being, we are still using disposables. I ALWAYS order mine by the case from Diapers.com. Not only are their prices more than reasonable, you get a much larger quantity of diapers per box than at any grocery or mass-retailer, like WalMart or Target. And if you spend 49.99 with them, you qualify for FREE shipping. And let me tell you, ladies, the shipping is FAST. I usually buy a case of Luvs, since I will not touch Pampers since the new Dry Max technology came out, and I have never had a good experience with Huggies. (Although I admit, the last time I tried them was 10 years ago when Kyle was an infant.) A case of 200+ size 3 Luvs sells for around 37.00. To get the free shipping, I usually shop their HUGE sale and clearance section, and get great deals on clothing, toys, bath products, diaper creams, etc… I have never had delivery take more than 2-3 days. Sometimes, I even receive my diapers the next day!

Their products always come very well packaged, and always in their distinctive Diapers.com heavy duty boxes.

The last time I ordered, I decided to be ballsy and switch things up a bit. I noticed that the Diapers.com brand diapers had adorable monkey designs on them, and while I generally shy away from off-brand diapers due to past experiences with leaks and downright explosions, I just HAD to give them a shot. I got a HUGE case of 200 size 3 diapers for around 42 dollars or so. So they are a little more expensive than the Luvs, but I was willing to pay that for the cutesy monkeys!  They really are adorable, and I have a thing for anything monkey,lol. The diapers came with 2 different designs. One has more purple and has a monkey, both on the front AND the back, and the other style is similar, but has green stripes on it as well.

These diapers are not only cute, they contain no harsh perfumes. They are also very soft, compared to many other diapers. I would compare their softness to that of Pampers Swaddlers for newborns, but without the inner layer of mesh. These diapers are also fitted, and have velcro closure that is very stretchy for a generous fit, and none of those annoying sticky tabs. The elastic in the leg/thigh area is also very well constructed, and I haven’t had a single leak yet, not even overnight when Sophie tends to be a heavy wetter. Heck, these diapers have even held up to major tsunami-like poop explosions! I have NEVER had a store-brand diaper do that before! 

I would like to address another factor that moms worry about when switching diapers. Rashes. Sometimes a change in brand can cause an adverse reaction and baby’s delicate skin. Whether it be from chemicals, dyes, perfumes, or even just an ill-fitting, poorly constructed diaper, this is an issue that we, as parents, must consider. There is nothing worse than having a sore and broken out baby! Well, rest assured, Sophie has never had a rash with these diapers, and I have been using them for over a month now. And I only apply her butt-cream when necessary, such as before bedtime, just as a preventative measure.

Overall, I am very pleased with these diapers. The only complaint I have, and it’s not even a complaint, more an observation, is that these diapers tend to run large. Luckily, I read many customer reviews before ordering on Diapers.com and compensated accordingly when making my initial purchase.

So if you’re looking for a relaible diaper, or just want to switch it up again, especially if you’re a monkey fanatic like me, I would highly reccommend these diapers. Yes, they are technically off-brand, but they are every bit as good as your more expensive, premium name brand diapers.

So until I finally switch to cloth, which is inevitable, I will continue using Diapers.com Premium Baby Diapers!

Go over to Diapers.com and check them out today!


September 9, 2010 - Posted by | For The Munchkins-All About The Kids Reviews and Rants

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  1. I know the world of cloth diapers can be a bit overwhelming to tackle (which is why I’m starting now when we’re not even past the “trying” stage lol), but I just thought I would share that I have heard nothing but great things about Applecheeks. They look super easy to use, and apparently hold up well against leaks. Check out applecheeks.com

    Oh, and the advice I have been given is don’t choose one that you think will work and buy a whole bunch… Find a few different types that you think could work, buy one of each, and try them out before you invest in more. Don’t want to end up with a dozen of one diaper that you HATE!

    Comment by Kirsten | September 9, 2010 | Reply

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