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What’s Up, Doc?

So I went to my doctor today. I have to say, I LOVE my doctor. He has a great sense of humor, and is always laughing. Anyway, he came in and the first thing he noticed was that I was alone. (Insert sad face here.) Then he yelled at me for losing weight. I guess due to bad morning sickness, I have lost 4 more lbs since my last appointment. He also said my blood pressure was low. (I don’t know how that works, but mine was 104/60.) So bedrest is extended, at least for the next few weeks. Grrrr…But I guess with the dizziness and all, that makes sense. Better safe than sorry!

He also said I look great, and asked why I was all sexy looking today,lol…No, my doctor was NOT hitting on me. But it was nice to be paid a compliment! I mean, my own husband has NEVER called me sexy! The funny thing is, I wasn’t even dressed up or anything. I had on a tank, a cardigan, and my Pajama Jeans. I then told my doc all about my PJ jeans, and he thought that was awesome and had a good laugh about it. (You really wouldn’t know they aren’t actually nice jeans.)

He also told me that judging my my symptoms and all, coupled with the fact that Oops’s heart rate was 153, he has a strong feeling we are having another GIRL!  Of course, we won’t know that for sure till my ultrasound, but he has been doing this for awhile, so for him to even give an opinion means he has ample reason to suspect. He never guessed with Sophie, though.  So it makes me hopeful that I will have another princess on my hands! I still have a feeling it will be a boy, though, just because another girl would be more convenient and cost us a lot less!

We will know for sure on September 10th at 10:45. I think I may have to go to my gender scan alone, though, and I am really bummed out about that. Dan probably won’t be able to get out of work. It makes me sad, because when I was pregnant with Sophie, he had some flexibility in his schedule, and was able to make it to ALL my appointments. Every last one. And now he will probably miss the most important visit of this pregnancy, and I probably won’t have anyone to share that moment with. Getting to actually see my baby and find out the gender is a big deal to me, and I will cry if he isn’t there with me.

So anyway…Here is a challenge. I wanna have some fun with this for the next 2 weeks so I don’t lose my mind! Leave me a comment and let me know two things:

1. What do you think we’re having? A boy? A girl? A hermaphrodite?

2. PLEASE, I need baby names! For both sexes. We cannot seem to think of ANYTHING!

Any suggestions would be appreciated, since we’re getting close to the time that we really need to figure out who our baby will be. I don’t think we can actually get away with naming it Oops!


August 25, 2010 - Posted by | What They DON'T Tell You About Pregnancy-The Nitty Gritty


  1. First off…what a great doc you have!!! I think you’re going to get a girl, but either way, I’m gonna love your new baby Oops!!! And let me think some on the names, that was the hardest part for me.

    Comment by Robyn | August 25, 2010 | Reply

    • I know! With Sophie, it was easy…We had plenty of time to think about it, being that she was planned and we tried for years to have her! This one is tough, though! We literally cannot come up with ANYTHING that jumps out at us or that we agree on!

      Comment by Brandy | August 25, 2010 | Reply

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