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By Jove, I Think She’s Got It!

So I have actually been sitting here pretty bummed-out all day. The idea of my husband not being able to be present for the gender scan really makes me sad. I know he would love to be there, as he came to every single prenatal appointment when I was pregnant with Sophie. And I mean he came into the office with me every time. No bored guy in the waiting room,lol. I can’t get upset with him, because his new job as shop manager demands a great deal of his time and almost no flexibility. If he’s not there to run the shop, who’s going to do it?

I have been trying to find some way to still make finding out the baby’s sex something special for us to do together… Plus, we have a bet, and I want to see his face when he loses! Dan has been 100% convinced that Oops is another girl. Has been since the second the pregnancy test came back positive. I think it will be a boy, just because that would be my luck. I have TONS of baby girl stuff. And I mean truck-loads. And nothing for a boy! And of course, we can’t afford to buy all new baby stuff right now. So while I will be happy no matter what we get, I reeeeeaaaaallllly want another girl. But I tend to suspect Oops is all boy! If Dan is right, I have to “snuggle in bed watching TV all weekend long.” Oh no! Kill me now! lol…If I am right, then Dan has to take me out on a REAL date. And he has to ACT like we’re on a date. So really, either way, I win! Snuggles or a night out both sound good to me!

So I have an idea. If I DO get stuck getting my ultrasound alone, I came up with a plan so that Dan is still involved in the reveal. I am going to show up with an envelope and an index card. I am going to make myself look insane, and ask the sonographer to NOT tell me the sex….Instead, I am going to ask her to write it down on the index card, put it into the envelope, seal it, and give it back to me. Then I will wait till he gets home, have a nice celebratory dinner, and then we can open it and find out the news together! Heck, maybe I will even have Kyle take video so I can share the reveal on my Facebook or on here!

Anyone think this is a good idea? Any other ideas on how to reveal the gender, and still include Daddy?


August 25, 2010 - Posted by | What They DON'T Tell You About Pregnancy-The Nitty Gritty

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